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 Stargate enthusiast brings a submachine gun to a paintball

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Stargate enthusiast brings a submachine gun to a paintball Empty
PostSubject: Stargate enthusiast brings a submachine gun to a paintball   Stargate enthusiast brings a submachine gun to a paintball Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 1:45 pm

When paintball enthusiast Mad Matt gets bored, he looks at his collection of replica guns. And when he looks at those? He figures out new ways to shoot people with them.
Mad Matt had a Stargate SG-1 version of a P90 submachine gun sitting around, and toyed around with the idea of making it a paintball gun. He first created a 3D model of it in 3ds Max and then planned out what the innards would look like to turn it into a working paintball gun. Once his plans were in place, he easily slapped together the real thing, taking the snaps you see above.

We’ve been paintballing on a number of occasions and, whilst we put in a reasonable performance with the stock paintball guns provided, we would have loved to have seen the whites of our opponent’s eyes when facing them with this cool Stargate SG1 P90 paintball gun mod.

Created by a chap named Mad Matt, the Stargate SG1 P90 paintball gun is made using a replica of the P90 from SG1 and the internal workings of a standard paintball gun and, according to Matt, it’s entirely functional.

Matt writes:

‘i got board one day and was looking at my old p90 replica from stargate sg1 and thought that would be a sick paintball gun so i took som pics of it uploaded them into eds max and made a 3d model tool a pic of one of my paintbal gun internals and made a model of them and cut and madeled what i needed to to make them fit together once i got it i tool my replica and and cut out what i needed to from the inside to acomdate the paintbal internals this is my finished product.’

Needless to say, few of us who are into paintballing would say no to having this weapon in our arsenal.
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Stargate enthusiast brings a submachine gun to a paintball
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