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Welcome to the official website of the Descent Message Agent (DMA). As the worlds only fully independent Sub-Government, the DMA operates as an international community that collects secret foreign intelligence through global covert capability.
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 DMA taking a new turn...

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Rex Simba

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DMA taking a new turn... Empty
PostSubject: DMA taking a new turn...   DMA taking a new turn... Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2008 10:54 am

The controversial "DMA" organisation has always been rather mysterious in the public eye. With few knowing the meaning of "DMA" and even fewer able to join the ranks, the government has been keeping a wary eye on its motives and ideals, knowing that at any moment the DMA could be planning against them. Today though the veil of secrcy has been lifted...

In a bold move by DMA leader General Ben Markson, the organisation has gone public. Almost overnight the organisation has grown to over 500 members, most likely due to this list of promises to members:

The key benefits for joining the DMA are:

-Providing a one stop shop for any questions on defence activities and contacts - if we don't have the answer, we know someone who has
-Representing a Member's concerns to relevant Government authorities at the appropriate level if they feel aggrieved by Governments officials decisions
-Providing regular market opportunities divided into interest group subjects
-Keeping Members in touch and up to date with MoD procurement activities
-Helping Members with export queries and advice
-Advertising Members' capabilities through the DMA website and the DMA Register
-Providing Members with a weekly Export information newsletter
-Producing a bi-monthly DMA News, widely distributed, containing news from Members
-Special Member rates at Seminars, Exhibitions and Events orgainsed by the DMA
-Putting Members in contact with reliable and useful contacts overseas

The name of DMA has also been unveiled, the "Defence Manufacturers Association". It seems that all this time the DMA was simply an arms making company. General's Jason Cullen and Sam Jury have yet to make an official statement. But General Ben Markson in their place has stated that "The DMA is the future of arms maufacturing and any rumors of it being a "secret" organisation or of its leaders being great men are false... we are simply out there to make a buck."

Rather a let down to middle class America and third world countries in Asia and Africa, it seems that the DMA is simply just a fake as far as global politics is concerned.

One disturbing rumour to reach the media is that this is not the real DMA, and that General Ben Markson is a fraud. This is simply a response by disgruntled fans. General Markson has said that General's Jason and Sam may not make a statement as they have taken a back seat in the oranisation, this was confirmed by Colonel John Dodds.

Reported by CNN NEWS reporter James Mason.
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DMA taking a new turn... Empty
PostSubject: Re: DMA taking a new turn...   DMA taking a new turn... Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2008 3:04 pm

More clarification for members, there is no General Markson or Colonel Dodds in the DMA. Generals Sam and myself have taken no back seat and are very much in charge. No mater what the corrupt CNN thinks, the Real DMA has not gone public and has no intention of doing so any time soon.
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DMA taking a new turn...
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